Setting up remote access with my cloud app on iphone

I would like my mom to be able to see some files I have on my cloud. She has an iphone and has downloaded the my cloud app.
I can’t figure out how to get her access. She’s in FL and I’m in NY. Does she have to do a one time setup while on my home network, where the my cloud resides?

I found a way to generate a code for a new device user, but I don’t see how that helps anything. I would really appreciate help on this. Thanks.


You need to make sure Cloud Access and port forwarding is enabled, both on the Cloud and the Router.
After that, she need to enter the activation code through the My Cloud app on her phone.
Hope this helps.

Thanks for your response. I have port forwarding and cloud access on, but it seems that for my mom to access the photos on my cloud, she needs to first access them on my home network. That won’t be possible.

There must be another way to do it, but I can’t figure it out. I’ve found the instructions in the My Cloud user manual to be really techy and not accessible to those of us who are not familiar with terms like FTP access, WebDAV, Media Sharing and many others. They give brief descriptions that are not practically helpful. I hope someone from WD sees this and helps out. I’ve spent too many hours online trying to understand these terms.
For a device that’s supposed to be geared towards newbies and be plug and play, I’ve found it not to be so.

Ultimately I really only wanted this so I could put photos up for my family to share but that’s not happening. Any suggestions would be most welcome.


Have you set up an account on This is how I access my device remotely, without activation codes, port forwarding, etc.

Yes, that is what worked. It was very simple but I never would have figured it out on my own. I had to contact support and after a few emails back and forth, and a couple of weeks of time, we arranged a phone call for help.
I still maintain that the directions are incredibly confusing. I though I had to get an activation code for anyone to access remotely. It turns out that is not he case, and nobody has to initially access while on the Mirror’s home network, as is implied in directions.
Also, the password that one creates for remote access for a user, is different than the password one creates on the user’s profile. That profile password is what I kept trying to use for remote access.
Sheesh, they need to rewrite the user manual. It’s one of the worst I’ve seen, including instructions to assemble particle board furniture that are not even in my native language or alphabet.