Moving MyCloud 2TB Drive

Hi all! Please let me know if this will work: 1) I set up new my new MyCloud 2TB unit on my home WiFi network. I grant access to multiple iPhones for which we download the apps and access the MyCloud drive while on the home WiFi network. 2) I ship this MyCloud 2TB drive to my sister’s home 1,000 miles away and she connects it to her own router and powers it up. 3) Will I be able to gain access to this device and its data with my home PC and also with the iPhone devices that previously connected to this MyCloud device when it was installed on my home network? Thanks in advance!!!

Have you actually read the My Cloud User Manual? There is whole chapter on remote access, see Chapter 8 Accessing Your My Cloud Device Remotely.

Currently one cannot officially access the My Cloud Dashboard remotely to make changes to the My Cloud. With either the My Cloud Desktop software, the My Cloud mobile apps for iOS and Android, or the web portal one can access files one has stored on the My Cloud from remote locations.

Also see the following link for information on how to use the My Cloud:

Thanks for your guidance. Yes, I’ve read various sections in the manual. I guess the only part I’m still wondering about is, if I configure the device at my home on my WiFi network and I also set up access for my iOS devices while the MyCloud and the iOS devices are all on the home network and I ship the MyCloud to its final destination on another WiFi network and connected to a different router, will the iOS devices that had access previously, still have access to the MyCloud at its new (network) home? I know I’ll be able to get to the storage and send and pull from my PCs but not sure about the iOS devices. Thanks!

Yes the iOS device will still be able to access the My Cloud. Generally once one sets up the My Cloud and creates an online account it will link that My Cloud to that online account. And once one links their mobile device, that has the WD My Cloud mobile app installed, to their My Cloud they should be able to access that My Cloud no matter its location so long as the remote access connection can be made from that My Cloud to the internet.

Super! Thanks for verifying my solution!!!