Setting up My Cloud as another Mapped Drive shared across users

The MyCloud storage device is plugged into my wifi router and was set up through the set up wizard. I am the admin and set up all family members with access and their shared folders. I can see everyone else’s folder from my Mac Finder except my own. When I click on the shared device from my Finder window, I am connected as Guest even though I am logged in through my browser. I can see my own folder only from my browser, not from my Finder window. Is there a way to have my Finder consistently logged in as me without having to specifically log in every time I open a Finder window?

Also, in the course of setting up MyCloud, I tried to run a backup from TimeMachine. I confess I haven’t backed up in a long time; however, it indicated it would take 4 days to back up my computer through wifi. Besides turning off MyCloud and physically moving it next to my computer and connecting through a usb port, is there anything else I can do?

Thanks for your help!

Hello there,

You can see there is a button that lets you connect as an user on the device, so you will lick on the connect as button, then put you user, once you try this, you should be able to see all the shares you have access to.

If you connect the NAS device via USB, you will not eb able to access the unit at all, this USB is for expansion. However you can try to connect the drive directly to the Ethernet port to see if this way you can transfer the information faster.