Setting up local lan FTP access via browser, windows command-line and linux xterm

I’m having trouble setting up a user for traditional FTP access via CLI FTP program or ftp://<local_lan_ip_of_drive/ – everything obvious like “click user setting FTP Access to ON” doesn’t seem to allow access… From both computers, ftp command “ftp <local_lan_ip_of_drive>” works as PureFTP gives me a login prompt, 3 user restrictions as configured, different from default, (so I don’t think there’s a router/port issue), but then upon username dumps me out and disconnects the FTP session.

I can access it easy from browser on my laptop via file://wdmycloud/Public/, via PS4 DLNA, via TV’s DLNA, however, the roommate’s laptop is primarily linux with dual boot to old version of windows XP (primarily for offline games). He hasn’t updated his linux in a long time and doesn’t intent to, especially for a simple thing like file access. (there’s a whole laziness thing I won’t get into).

Even still, adding an FTP user should be as easy as clicking FTP Access to ON, right? All files are in Public, since that seems to have been the only why I could get any files visible in DLNA, rather than in any user folders that were created by creating the users.

Have you looked at Help in the Dashboard and tried what it says.

Yes, Network FTP access has been turned on already.

and similar settings

any attempt to login doesn’t seem to recognize the user names, which are simple 5-character names

Try SSHing into the Cloud and look at the system logs to see if it gives you any clue why it’s rejecting sessions.

If FTP is DISABLED, you wouldn’t even get a user-prompt – the connection would just time out. So, I agree with you, you’ve got FTP service running…