How to enable remote access for desktop

Like the title, i want to know how to enable FTP for my desktop in the form of a mapped network drive instead of using the proprietary WD Cloud application to access my files on a remote desktop since it is clunky. Any way how to do it?

Just map the network drive. In file explorer click on this pc. Then click on map click on map a network drive. Select a drive letter then browse for your My cloud. Then click finish. You can also use the My Cloud IP address such as \\Public

I done it, bu when i tried to access it via browser 192.168.x.xx/foldername it gives me an 404 error, even when i tried for Public folder it returned the same. I was also wanting to look for a way to access the files remotely like the mobile app

Does your My Cloud show up under network on the file explorer? When you try to map the My Cloud does it show up when you click browse?

First, FTP is an insecure protocol. Your username and password may be transmitted in the clear and subject to interception/capture by third parties.

When accessing the My Cloud from a remote location you DO NOT use the local network IP address (192.168.1.x) for the My Cloud. You would use the broadband IP address instead. You also must configure port forwarding of the FTP port within the router the My Cloud is connected to so the FTP traffic is properly passed to the My Cloud.

The following link may help with mapping using FTP.

try something like file://wdmycloud/Public/ in your webbrowser, maybe? – this assumes the My Cloud is mapped as a Windows network drive under the name “wdmycloud”, and you access the drive using \wdmycloud from File Explorer.