Set up help!


I recently purchased a 3tb WD MyCloud, but I am struggling to set it up and get it working properly! I dont know if its part of the service issues or not, but maybe somebody can help.

First of all the drive appears to be working, well it appears in my finder window allows me to access it from any of my machines as well as add and remove files - PERFECT! but, I can not get access with my phone or ipad… nor will it set up properly.

Ive downloaded the software, run through the set up and I just get an error saying that there is a problem and I cant configure the drive, copy files to or from the device(although this aint true!!) or access the device remotely.

I cant sem to find the answer, so maybe somebody can help… Im hoping its just service issues and I need to be a bit more patient!

Ive checked all the conection and replaced the ethernet cables! 

Thanks in advance!


To get access to your files stored on the Mycloud you have to grant access to it. There are two ways to do this. 1) set up an email/password profile for the user and ensure the shares are assigned to the user. Then on the mycloud app log in with the same email/password combo and you will see your device and shares. 2) generate access codes under a user and enter them in on the devices to link the device to MyCloud.

I prefer option 2 since it not only lets me see what devices are linked to a user (iphone, Windows 8 etc) but also allows me to look at the overall number of devices connected. Option 1 does not increase the device count and you as result dont know how many devices a user has logged in on

Thanks for your reply, but…

Im not even getting this far, As I said I can access the drive on the network as it shows up in finder, ive downloaded the software to set it up, but I cant get any further than that. I havent created an account for anything other than this at the moment.

Unless im being dumb and missing something obvious, When i run the software it just gives me this error. The dashboard app has appeared on my desktop ad when i click that it opens chrome and then says it cant connect to the drive.

You have to create an account or use the admin and link the mycloud to the device in question under the cloud access section

THOUGH in all hoensty the mycloud system is plauged with problems and you just another user who like the rest of us are ginny pigs for them to solve the problems since these devices are no where near ready for the market

I unfortunately agree…  I initially had problems setting this up… my 4tb mycloud came with this card and it said if you had problems call… so it said this i quote

"Let our expert customer support team help you set up your My Cloud.  This free service will take you htrough your installation, step by step, Our technicians have the ability to help you set up your my cloud remotely if necessary, providing the added convenience to sit back and watch while we work.

WD can also guide you through the pairing of your mobile devices including getting the my cloud app set up on your tablet or smartphone."

The number that was on the card was 1-855-556-5117    CALL THAT NUMBER AND SEE WHAT I HAD TO DEAL WITH.  It was a computer generated message that was all in spanish and at the end it just would hang up and yet the card was all english and i bought this in Indiana.

Cant set up private share… it saves as private but as soon as i go back in it goes back to public and everyone can see what i have in there… and that is with the picture app and the my cloud app on android plus the network UI. 

I cant log into my MyCloud drive from my computer network center neither says i do not have the authority and i have to get access from the administrator… which is me.

This is very frustrating why have private/public folders if everyone can see them anyway.  I want my stuff to be totally private…period but i see a guy named Bill saying that is the way the app was intended to work… that is unacceptable… i bought this to not only have private access but public access too…

There are too many more problems i have ran into to even list but i hope they get this resolved because this could be a very good drive otherwise.  I still have 14 more days for the return so i will monitor these forums closely.

If you read all of this…