Newbie - Setup Issues


I am having some issues with setting up My Cloud through the setup software.

When i Select my WD My Cloud the system checks my device and I get the following reply:

_ We’ve detected that you may not be able to: _

Config the Device (settings, etc)

After reading around on here I found that perhaps I could get into the device through a browser I tried both Firefox and IE with niether getting past the reading config information screen.

So i thought i’d check if the device appeared on my network and it is there and I can copy files to it through Windows Explorer but i can’t access them from any other device other than my Windows 8.1 pc.

Any suggestions?



Make sure LED is blue, then try accessing the dashboard by going to this URL in your browser:


Thanks very much.

I discovered that when I tried to explore the folder structure in Windows Explorer the whole thing came to life.