Error when installing Windows setup Software file!

Hi all,

I have downloaded the windows setup install file from WD ycloud setup web site. When I try to instal I get an error like I have to chek if Ethernet & power cables are connected. I canàt have access to anything because I could even install setup installation software, the very first basic step!

Any ideas please?

P.S. I can see WD My Cloud device when opening Windows Explorer/Network.

Thank you!

Can you access your MyCloud through Windows Explorer?

Does Windows Explorer ask for  “Username” and"Password" when accessing a Share on your MyCloud?

If you can access your MyCloud through Windows Explorer then there is no need to use the WD Setup program. But I would install the “Desktop App” on your Windows machine.

The rest of the MyCloud setup is done through the Dashboard of your MyCloud. To get there, type in the IP of your Cloud Device in a browser … Example … that should open up the Dashboard within your browser for further setup options.

Check out the following and click on My Cloud How it Works. 


Visit the Learning Center too.


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