Security Warnings from Xfinity Xfi Network Monitor On MyCloud

Hello: I just installed Xfinity (Comcast) network security. I’m getting daily messages that they are blocking access from known hackers trying to get into MyCloud. When I log in remotely, I have to enter my username and password. Is the data in MyCloud protected from hackers? Can they get in without a password? Or are my files exposed to hackers without their knowledge of my password?

Rich Locus

What is the specific error message the XFinity software is indicating? Can you post a screen shot of the error?

Do you have the Remote Access/Cloud Access enabled in the My Cloud Dashboard? If you do not need remote access capability then disable it within the My cloud Dashboard > Settings.

Is the FTP option enabled within the My Cloud Dashboard? If it is not needed, ensure it’s disabled.

Check the Xfinity router settings to see if you are using port forwarding or if UPnP is enabled.

Chances are good that the Xfinity software is just alerting you to inbound attempts that are being blocked by your Xfinity router. Or if the Xfinity software includes a local computer firewall, that it is blocking or notifying you of traffic it thinks is suspect.

Any time one uses the remote capabilities of any computer network device one runs a potential risk of unknown actors gaining access to it via a variety of methods. These methods can include unpatched security vulnerabilities in the device (or computer) itself to one’s WiFi network being compromised through poor password security or even open guest/unsecured networks.

Thanks for getting back to me. I do have the MyCloud password protected. Will that stop the threat since someone is trying to break in. See the error message below from Comcast Xfi.

Here’s What’s Happening

There were attempts made to access WDMyCloud from a known malicious source. We’ve blocked 4 of these threats this week.

Threat Information

An IP Reputation threat occurs when a device that we’ve identified as coming from a known malicious source tries to access a device on your home network. This method may be used to obtain personal information and/or compromise your devices. To keep your network safe, we automatically block access from known malicious sources.

Was there ever a solution to this? I’ve started to get the same warning from Xfi. I’ve disabled cloud access to my MyCloud since I’m mainly using it internally but I’d still like to confirm it’s locked down.

I’m having the exact same issue / message. Firmware is up to date.

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I’m having the exact same issue / message. My Firmware says it is up to date.

I’m having the same issue, any news on this?