Second volume and iscsi disappeared


first of all, sorry for my english i dont speak very well.

i have a WD my cloud ex 4 with 2 HDD 2 TB WD RED NAS AND 2 HDD 4 TB WD RED NAS in RAID 5.

This give me Volume 1 = 8 TB, 6TB space usable and 2TB for parity.

And Volume 2 = 4TB, 2TB for a ISCSI Drive

2 days ago there was a failure in the electric power my NAS started to rebuilding the volume but only rebuilt the volume 1.

this not recovery volumen 2 and the iscsi drive. 

i connect in my computer the drives and this appears the volume 2 but i dont know how recovery this part or mount in the NAS again?

can you help me please?

Thank you.

 Hello there,

Welcome to the WD Community. 

 Sorry about that mate. 

I think will be better if you contact WD Support directly for this matter.

WD Contact info:


I wrote to support a few days.

I’m waiting by the answer.

Thank you.