Search function damaged

I own an MyCloud OS5 and noticed that only searches for locations worldwide but no longer files or folders.

Is anyone experiencing this behavior?

What device do you own? Is it the 2nd generation WDMYCLOUD?

If I want to search my device, I would open it by using File Explorer and then perform the search. See example images below. Click on, tap, or activate images to enlarge them.

Image One

Image Two
Search Results, see image below. This is only an example of the results, the list of finds showed many.

It may help if you post more information about your issue including how exactly you are searching (using what program or app). Are you searching a local network My Cloud or a remote one? It may also help if you post your specific My Cloud model and firmware version.

I’m using the mobile app (iOS) or web remote, but I believe there’s a small damage in the SQL Lite database that causes the issue. One of the virtual FTS table seems to be missing.