Search Feature on My Cloud from iMac

I get so fed up with My Cloud, maybe it’s me :frowning: . Does anyone know if there is a Search feature available to a Mac desktop? If you have a 4TB HD going in and looking everywhere drives me up the wall! Help anyone? If not can I turn it into a regular external drive?

The below image is from my Windows desktop and shows how I perform a search, what is showing when you look at your WD My Cloud on your Network? Does it provide a search box?

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This is an example image of a search on my Desktop.

It’s been a while since I’ve used mac, but if you can map the drive as shown here, the mac should catalog it and search it through spotlight.

If you’d prefer, it’s fairly simple to just direct connect on a mac, as outlined in this video. In short, don’t use USB, just connect the drive to your mac using ethernet and that’s it. Side note: this dude LON in the video has a TON of great My Cloud videos.

wdmycloud is just a drive and does not provide a search facility. Just like any other drive. Finder on MAC has a search, is this what you are looking for? I am using Sierra.

You can clearly see the search facility in Finder.

I am too. When I go to login from WDMyCloud under shared I get check the server name or IP address :frowning: Finder doesn’t look there currently. I can login to it via the app though but no finder that way.

Thank you. It’s problem seems to be to check the server name or IP address. Im not sure what it exactly wants or where to find it.

first step make sure wdmycloud has a static address and configure your router appropriately. Plenty of guides here. then follow this link

After that it login automatically and mount itself. it is always visible in Finder under shared.

Thx will try!

I did get connected from the Shared WDMyCloud on the left on Finder but I can’t see any files. When I try to map I put in the IP for the MyCloud but still get check the server name or IP address :frowning:

Try this. Get rid of the DNS Server 1 and replace with instead.

no :frowning: . Have you ever connected by ethernet to the desktop?

yes. I do that when I need to transfer large files as it is faster than wireless. Why?

it might be the easiest solution for access. My normal goto people are PC users so finding it hard to get help. Very grateful for you taking the time.

No problem. We are all users trying to help each other.
Generally, should not make any difference, but yes Ethernet is easier.

if you made any changes to wdmycloud, specially networking, I always find sometimes it does not work, or slows down, unless you reboot, might take 5 minutes,

then check the connectivity by pinging wdmycloud (open a terminal and use ping, if you are not sure ask).
then open Finder, you see device in shared, on the right hand side, there is option “connect As”. Do this first, enter device name or ip address and see what it says.

if all is good then do the steps in the url i gave you.

Thx. You are appreciated!