Search function on Mac?

I’ve searched the forums and manuals and cannot find what should be the most basic function of a file repository, the SEARCH FUNCTION.

I’m running WD My Cloud v 0.0.0 - can someone point me to instructions on how to search WD My Cloud files on a Mac?

The “drive” is not mounted, the files are viewed through this WD application. There are obviously tons of files in there and my client doens’t know where they are, just the names or creation dates.

There MUST BE A WAY TO SEARCH these files, I’m just missing it… I hope. There’s no way a hard drive manufacturer wouldn’t include a search function with a cloud product that supposed to hold TBs of info… right?


Hello and welcome to the community,

The WD Desktop App does not have a search function. I recommend you post this in the Ideas section.

WD My Cloud & Mobile Apps

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Thanks for the quick (yet surprising) answer!

I’ll post my new amazing idea of “searching” through my files and hope it catches on…

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