Seagate Iron Wolf 8TB drive compatability

I just purchased a PR4100 diskless NAS from Amazon and I am wondering if the 4 Iron Wold 8TB drives that I already have will work with it. Has anyone personally tried this approach, or does anyone know if they will work?

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At the time of this post there’s no official documentation available on WD’s site related to hard drive compatibility. I’d recommend contacting WD Support about this since the unit in question is a 7200RPM hard drive.

If you don’t already know, I’ll let you know later on, I bought 2 6tb and I’m going to try them tonight in my PR2100.

I forgot to update this post after I received my NAS. I have it setup successfully with 2 of the Seagate Iron Wolf 8TB drives.

I purchased them one at a time from Amazon and they both have worked perfectly thus far. I originally setup the NAS with a JBOD configuration with only one of the drives. After only two days I had nearly filled it by consolidating all of my old backup drives. I quickly ordered a second drive from Amazon. All that I had to do when I received the second drive was pop it in and add it to existing JBOD configuration.

I can’t recommend them for sure yet as I have only had the NAS for one week, but everything has worked flawlessly so far.

Cool deal. I also had no issues getting my 6TB drives to work on my PR2100.