SD Card Import - Date Created/ Timestamp Issue

Please excuse if this topic has been discussed. I searched through the forum and couldn’t find a working solution to what I’m experiencing.

Before getting a MPW, I have been backing up SD card photos directly to my MacBook Air via card reader. But for my last trip, I bought a MPW Pro to back up my SD cards on the go without a computer. I used the iOS app to update to current firmware and configure the drive to automatically import photos when the SD card is plugged in. I have since done several backups of my SD cards.

When I finally have access to my MacBook Air, I plugged in the drive via USB and noticed the Date Created/ Date Modified column shows random timestamp (close to import date but the timestamps are all randomised) rather than the date taken. As suggested in one thread, I made sure the computer is connected to the internet, has the correct date & time, and logged in to the MPW dashboard via

When I copy & paste the photos directly to the computer via card reader, the Date Created column shows the correct date & time when the photos were taken (as configured on my camera).

Why does the MPW overwrite timestamps when importing? Doesn’t it simply copy data? How can I retain the original timestamp/ date taken?

As an extremely nostalgic person, the correct timestamps and dates in my photo albums are really important to me. It also makes it really difficult to organise thousands of photos. Please help!

Are you running the latest firmware (released a few days ago). It claims to have fixed time stamp bug when importing from sd/USB.
Edit. Just noticed you stated you have updated the firmware.

Im experiencing the same problem but still cannot find the solution.

Same experience here. In my opinion the drive corrupts the sourcefiles by overwriting timestamps on the SD-card. It should give you peace of mind by making secure backups instead of corrupting your files. Hope someone (WD?) has a solution for this.

Please ensure you are running the latest firmware, located at

(The easiest way to update firmware, in my opinion, is to manually install via SD card)

This should resolve the timestamp issue!

Thanks! I’ve updated to the latest version now. Did some tests which seem to be positive. During the holidays I’ll use the drive intensively. For now i’m satisfied with the solution.

I have a My Passport Wireless Pro and experienced the same problem of having all media dates changed after importing them onto the drive via SD Card or USB Import! Can WD Support tell me how to resolve this issued, please?

I am experiencing the same problem recently when I imported my diving media onto the drive! Despite there was no time difference between my home and the diving country where I went to, all the time stamps imported were changed for unknown reasons! I sent requests to the customer services 2 weeks ago and there is still no response to my query! Very poor customer service! It appears to me that they do not know how to fix this bug,