Scheduling a backup

The PR4100 comes with its own backup app. Is there a way to automatically schedule a backup rather than having to kick it off manually?

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If you mean WD Smartware then it does not have a “schedule backup” option.

No, not smartware. I mean the backup app that is accessed by clicking on the Backups icon on the menu bar at the top of the Web Viewer for PR4100 admin. I think the process that is launched is RSYNC.

If I understand the OP then I am also interested in this. While I can make a backup to my USB drive I was hoping to keep it plugged in and have a scheduled backup for it. While scheduling is an option for the other backup types listed, it is not available for USB and I am not sure why.

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Any update on the USB scheduling? I can only kick it off manually or if I were to unplug and plug in it works as designed. Seems like an easy fix in the firmware to me.

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Any movement on this? I just purchased one and I am very unhappy that it includes a “backup” with no schedule support.

No change as far as I’m aware. However, if you’ve got any Linux skills (I don’t) then launching RSync on a scheduled basis must be possible somehow. If you don’t have those skills then it may be worth visiting a Linux forum and asking a question about how to schedule a (RSync) process.