Computer Backup

Hello to the Community,

I purchased the PR4100 to create a backup schedule for my photography folders on my computer.
I have not found an easy and intuitive solution as part of the WD Cloud software dashboard…

The WD Backup doesn’t find, or I have not found how to let the software find the Cloud device, and the WD SmartWare is limited and unfriendly (I have not found a way to activate it, is there a way…?)

There is no simple way to continuously backup my folders structure?

Thank you all :slight_smile:

@Roni you should probably look at other 3rd party Software such as FreeFileSync or Acronis TrueImage

Thank you @socallinux for your response, I find it ridiculous that WD do not provide a backup solution as part of the home cloud pro.
They do include it on their lower market device, so not having this on the home cloud pro level sound a bit … silly

WD Smartware is the backup solution for My Cloud.
You may be trying to Active Smartware Pro which is already no longer supported but WD Smartware should still backup your computer to the My Cloud. Of course, you may be looking for a more “professional software” in which there are many that special is computer backup and recovery.

Hi Socallinux,

It is just strange that WD Backup works for lower priced models, while SmartWare is no longer supported…
Other backup solution aren’t native and are much more robust, I was looking for WD own brand, which should be included, simple as their Cloud Pro is.

I will open a case in their support page, there should be such utility existing as part of the PRxxxx Cloud Pro devices.

Thank you again friend.