Scam emails?

On the 16th (four days ago) I got a welcome email from MyCloud. The first line was “Hi gggg”. I don’t own a Western Digital MyCloud device and never signed up on the site.

I ignored it but tonight I got a “Please change your password immediately” email. I reset the password but the reply again referred to me as “gggg”.

Don’t know if I should be worried. Probably my email address is on one of the many database leaks around the internet and someone/something used it to sign up for an account.

I tried to contact WD support but there’s not really an appropriate category. Maybe I should just continue ignoring these emails?

Sounds like phishing … and if you “reset a password”, then you took the bait

You should have just ignored it and done nothing.

I received the following email and was wondering if it is real or a scam. Please help.