Samsung TV

I have had to do some chop and changing of my NAS devices, I also have a 4TB My Cloud.

Prior neither was accessible via Windows 10, but since the format they both are.

My Cloud shows on my TV no problem and never have any issues with playing files, the MBL will no longer show up unless I enable ‘twonky’, prior to then chop and changing it was working fine.

I do not want to use ‘twonky’ as I keep getting error in my .mp4 files, transfer the file over to My Cloud and it plays fine.

If the device is not recognized by your television but it’s working fine on a computer then I’d recommend verifying if your TV is looking for a particular network path that is not valid. For example, if your TV is looking for a particular IP address that is now being used by your WD My Cloud, then your WD My Book Live will not be found.

AirPlayer app on iOS doesn’t see it either without ‘Twonky’, it is very annoying!

That’s because your AirPlayer only streams from UPnP/DLNA media servers. That means that AirPlayer won’t see network shares. And, that will mean that Twonky will always need to be on in order for AirPlayer to see media stored on the drive. Also, as a media server, Twonky will only play certain codecs, which means that if your MP4 files are using an incompatible sound or video codec, Twonky may not play the file at all.

How ‘My Cloud’ runs ok on everything without ‘Twonky’?


Just got the WD DLNA and boom, all videos work

Just need to edit the ‘search’ parameters now, by this I mean the navigation from \device\share\folder\file as with ‘My Cloud’ I get “All Files, by folder, by date” now with the MBL there are over 10 choices, all I want is ‘by folder’ as default as if it was working by SMB