Samsung transcoding vs twonky my book live

If i take a usb stick and copy a movie file onto it and then plug it into my tv i can watch the file on my samsung tv. So i’m assuming the tv is doing the transcoding. If i try and access the same file through my samsung tv allshare over the network the “my book live” loads the file for 3 or 4 seconds and then skips to the next video file. Is there a way for my tv to just access the hard drive itself instead of having twonky overlay everything. This way the tv does the transcoding and twonky is not needed.

I’ve been completly unhappy with the my book live so far! I brought it home and updated the firmware, after the update i got an error code on everything i tried to do in the web interface. So i had to use ssh to downgrade the firmware. After spending 16hrs transferring all my media onto the drive i find out that the twonky server doesn’t stream certain files and that i’m supposed to upgrade the software. I find the web interface extremely slow and if i try and access any of my media on my iphone through the wd2go app it loads forever and then says device inaccesible.

Samsung supports more file formats when playing them “locally” than it supports when playing via DLNA.  Nothing is transcoding anything, the Samsung can just play more file types via USB than via DLNA for some reason.

The MBL has nothing to so with this.