Safepoint on USB

Hi Community,
have a Little Problem maybe someone can Help.
It’s about Safepoints, i Love the Funktion and want to use ist but, my Cloud makes ist not Easy.
I have a WD Elements 5TB connected to myCloud 2TB via USB.
I used the Dashboard to Create a Safepoint with Automatic Backup every Week, but sometimes my cloud decide to just rename my WD Elements Drive. I named it Backup_Platte but my Cloud Renamed it this time to Backup_Platte_4.
I think that on Powerloss(or Network loss) my Cloud just renames the USB drive for no Reason, so my Safepoint preferences get Deleted and i have to do now the fouth Time a Manual Safepoint. Why can’t myCloud Recognize an WD External drive thats Plugged in 24/7. I Buyed the External drive only for Backups of my Cloud… and i am Frustrated that it won’t work Automatic.
And for Windows Network Drive this messes always up, With the Name Change i have to Connect it Mannualy again so i have Acsess to the USB Drive.

Maybe someone has the Same Problem and can Help?
I am Sorry for any Errors in this Text in Formatting, Englisch is not my First Language.

This problem, USB drive being renamed and Safepoint failing to find a prior backup, has been discussed in the past in other threads. You can find them by doing a forum search via the search button at the top right (magnifying glass icon). See this post for one possible workaround:

Thank you Bennor,
Did take it out of sharing and it worked just fine. Since then (1week) no Rename and my Safepoint is working like it should.
Regards Alex.EXE