Safepoint backup how much space required to create?


Since a few years we have a wd my book live duo 6tb. We use the setting for mirror, so we effectivly have 3 tb to use. This seems to be the perfect choice since some time ago 1 drive failed and we still get our files after placing a new hdd.
Since this happend I’m a bit worried that the complete device dies and all our files are gone.
So I learned about an safe point. So I bought an 16 gb usb stick, but this is not enough it seems.
Does it mean that an safe point is an complete backup of the 3tb data? And means I need an 3 tb usb drive?

In my imagination it worked this way, device breaks. I remove the both drives. buy another WD live book duo and place the drives in to that device. Restore the safepoint from usb stick. And thats it.

Any help is appreciated.

Hello there,

I wouldn’t say it need a 3 TB drive to backup, but it would need more than 16 GB since when you do safepoint the whole drive is backed up including the setting and a good part of the operating system so try a 1 TB drive to see in case the whole 3 TB are not used you can backup the information on a smaller drive. In short, this will depend on the amount of data you have on your unit.