Running plex on my wdmycloudmirror (Gen 2)

I’ve been running plex on my wdmycloudmirror. There hasn’t been any major problems with it but I was wondering if there was a way to optimize it in terms of speed transfer. And I also notice that my dashboard (the wdmycloudmirror site) is really slow.

My current config of the NAS server is as follows

ISP Given Gigabit router/modem -----> House Internet Wiring (All cat5e above) -----> TP-Link TL-SG105 switch ------> WDmycloudmirror Gen 2

I also have my desktop PC wired to the TL-SG105 and it’s getting around 900mbps down and 900 mbps up.

My wdmycloudmirror transfer speeds are only around 60 MB/s (which is 480 mbps)

I was wondering was it the plex server taking a toll on my NAS CPU usage?

My other issue is just a really slow dashboard I’m not really sure why.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated thanks.

Edit: Spelling error

Hi Acecryz,

Slow performance of a My Cloud dashboard can occur when the unit is busy or under a load indexing content, performing backups or building thumbnails. You can have a look on below article in this concern:

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