Run Minecraft Server on WD MyCloud NAS EX2 8TB?

Hey folks, I’ve been looking everywhere for instructions or even just a confirmation if this is possible. I’ve found a few sources that suggest it is possible to host and run a minecraft server on one of these NAS boxes but I can’t find anything in simple enough lingo that I can understand. Any chance anyone here is familiar with this kind of thing or knows a direction to point me in?



Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

Unfortunately the EX2 is limited to 512mb of RAM, which doesn’t leave much room for a minecraft server. On top of that you would need to get Java on to the box, which would more than likely require a custom build of the firmware. I attempted to install various software available and opted to just break out an old laptop and use the NAS to store all of the non-OS data.

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Yeah, I had continued to dig and unfortunately that does seem to be the case. I appreciate the response though!

Or else just buy a Pi2 and hook that up.

There are several tutorials and “how to”'s about setting up a Minecraft server on Raspbian, just do a web search for various alternatives.

Hello, friend. Unfortunately, you cannot do that, but you still have an option. I have created a minecraft server by using this service - . It’s very stable, and has a lot of features. It’s pretty cheap, has different locations in the whole world (so you won’t have any problems with latency), supports modpacks and so on. I am still using this service, and it’s very nice.

A Minecraft game server depends a lot on the disk speed, running on SATA disk will slow down your server.
The most effective way is to use the lastest NVMe Disk, with hight IOs, and bandwidth, up to 2500Mb/s.
I would recommend you to try a free server from Minecraft Hosting Pro . It’s very reliable, with many features, under the lastest processor AMD Ryzen 3900X with western digital nvme disk.

As far as I know, this is possible. And I would like to play with you on the server, and I would also take a few friends with me to make it more fun because I tried to create a server myself, and nothing works. No one can connect to me, although everyone does as described and shown in the video on YouTube, maybe it’s on my Internet, I don’t know, to be honest. Recently we tried to play on one of the PvP Minecraft Servers, but we didn’t like it. After all, the players there are much more skilled, and we would like just to play survival and not try to contact other people’s players.

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