Host a dynamic website

Hi everyone,

I want to buy a NAS server to host a dynamic website (with php and MySQL). But I couldn’t find which WD NAS can do that.

Can you help me?

Thank your very much!


PS: Sorry for my english!

Or even if it’s possible to host this kind of website on one WD NAS!

The lower cost entry level WD My Cloud do not officially support third party apps. The lower entry level devices generally have a lower powered/horsepowered processor that may have difficultly running additional apps beyond the currently installed apps (Twonky/Samba). However, it is possible to activate/install additional non supported modules via SSH on the lower end WD My Cloud units, see the Repository link below.

The more expensive WD My Cloud devices like the WD My Cloud Mirror, My Cloud EX2, My Cloud EX4, and others support additional (third party) apps. See the following links for more information.

Differences between the My Cloud, Mirror, EX2, and EX4

Do Even More (with Third-Party Apps)

Repository with software worked on v4 firmware