EX4 Security, Dynamic DNS & Local users

Hi There forum,

I’ve been looking around in this great forum, but it seems that I’m not able to find any answers to my desired topic as most words/terms are very unfamiliar to me. This is my first NAS, I’ve bought the one with 4x3 TB, and it works great for now. 

I’ve been meaning to host a small webserver or maybe gameserver in the furture, but i have no idea how to do it and as my most pedagogical solution to my problems is the Manuel, I kinda need som external help. I’m not sure if it’s possible but it would be nice to acces some files via a website and a login. Is it possible and how can i do this? I noticed the Dynamic DNS said something about this, but i do not know where to start. 

My second question concerns Security and Users. I’ve seen a few youtube videos, and people refer to portfarwarding quite a lot in this case. As I’m aware of, WD handles the users and hereby the shares on my drive, as people get confirmation emails from WD, I’d like to know if this was possible to do locally, so that my server handles the information and stuff? My will use the server as well, and to the extend which I’m informed, they have a lot of work-related documents which are not supposed to be accesed by anyone else, which concerns me a bit, as i can copy a link to a file and everybody is able to download it. Other than that, i don’t want my friends to just upload all kinds of stuff, and then just use my Server as a sharing tool for friends - movies etc. 

Thank you in Advance, I’m really looking forward to your answer/s.

Kind regards



Welcome to the WD Community.

Not sure if it will be possible to set a game server on this unit. However, you can set a small webserver using wordpress. 

You can install wordpress on the unit.

See page 83 of the usermanual about managing apps.