Remote Access (Like its Mapped)

Is there a way to access the ex4 remotely and locally, where is behaves like a mapped drive?  Pretty sure I can handle the local portion, but I can not find a way to allow my remote PC to access the EX4 the way I need.  We have 2 computers that need to save to the same file system multiple times a day.  One local machine, and one remote machine.  We are using a program that would normally have its save file on our network, and we would normally just map to it.  Any help for my remote machine? Should I be looking at a different product?

The issue you’re having is not with the NAS.  In order to get the kind of access you’re suggesting you may need to look into some kind of VPN solution that supports routing of local SMB shares to external VPN clients.  There are probably many other ways to do this but a VPN would do what you want.  If the issue is just getting some files moved around you might be able to use some other technique to sync them - bitTorrent Sync comes to mind.   

I’ve used SLINK software before for wide area bonjour dns multicast

I thought NFS would do what he’s asking for Network mapping outside of his local subnet so long as port forwards in the router. 

webDav might be an option if it supports sync.

WD2GO would work if WD would offer it for EX4 owners.