Rolling back Fw on WD Tv version WDAAP0000NBK

After having the 1.06.43_V Fw installed for a while I can’t take the youtube function any more, it is slow crashes all the time and I want to rollback to the previous fw, but I can’t find any info on how to do this on my old device.

Anyone got tips?

I’ve read the instructions in this link, but it doesn’t cover my old WDAAP0000NBK.

This is the link for your player

Thanks. I first tried with a 4GB stick, but the update got stuck at 0%, used a smaller one (128mb)and it worked. Just switched the USB drives without powering off and the update ran.

Finally free from the Youtube leanback **bleep** :smileyvery-happy:

Quick question for you bainmac: Did you modify the .ver file for rollback?

If he used the firmware from the link I posted then the ver file is already modified.

Got it.

Thank you so much.