RMA a Hard drive with weak sectors

Hi guys , im wondering how many weak sectors does a hard drive need in order to successfully RMA the drive?

The drive has been giving a lof of  problems under continued use

Thanks for the response in advance!

There’s not an specific number

if there are bad sectors and you want to replace it you can go for it

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Thanks Wizer for the reply. I was under the impression there was a certain number needed to be deemed in order to be replaced. I guess I should go ahead with it so, its only getting worse and worse over time

1 weak sector. These are (as you see) are going to increase over time till the drive becomes unusable. Technically it has already failed.

Understand that from time to time a disk may develop a bad sector on its own or from some outside influence like bad power or a shock from being hit. The disk normally remaps them and life goes on. But if the disk keeps making weak sectors this is indicative of a more serious problem and it’s time for RMA.

Find your drive on the WD site and find the Digital Life Guard and download and check the drive. sometimes reformatting with DLG  by writing zeros fixes bad sectors.