My Book 1TB drive diagnostics say too many sectors damaged

The drive was working and then it wasn’t. My computer kept saying that the disk had to be formatted before it would work and I, foolishly, said to format it. The computer said it could not format it immediately so what was that all about? I figured perhaps since I hadn’t backed up in a while that it needed to start over from scratch. It had appeared to be working prior to this although the My Book icon showed no files backed up suddenly (although there was another section that said only 670 MB of files were unable to be backed up). I ran the Windows diagnostics and it gave me a check mark as to Smart Status, which I thought meant it was fine, but then when I ran a Smart Scan on the drive it said “Too many bad sectors.”

What is going on? Is My Book trashed? Will I have to get something else?

Thank you.


You should replace the drive if it is under warranty period. Please refer to the link given below in order to know how to apply for the RMA.

It is not under warranty.

Thank you.