Rgb high issues still persistent

I really dont know why wd still havent figured out a fix. Atm i feel like this is the most annoying art of the wd tv live the fact that it doesnt always remember resolutions and some settings. A waste of 60 quid if it cant do this basic thing and colours depth are lost in the default setting. I’ve lost faith in wd and will be looking into those mini android players as a viable alternative.

I have been playing with my WDTV Live that arrived today and the problem seems to be that if the device detects a change over HDMI it switches back to Auto.  Of course the fact Auto is totally unpredictable is a big problem.

I was trying to compare Netflix on the WD to the PS3 but when I switched back to the WD the colours were wrong.  Yet when I forced the settings again and did it again, the colours stayed correct (although it had still reverted back to Auto).

Its one thing to be paranoid about people messing up their settings, but what on earth is the point of being able to force settings if it reverts to Auto on a whim?  The reset button should suffice but getting people out of sticky situations where they forced the wrong settings, it should NEVER reset to Auto on its own…