WD Live keeps on resetting video settings


I have had this problem for a long time and with each firmware update is getting worse. Im sick of having to change every day my video settings to the correct value i also have to hard reset the unit, if not i dont get sound and weird colors pop up. Am i the only one with this issue? What the heck is going on? Im running the latest firmware  1.05.04. 

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No, you are not the only one having this problem. I have been posting about this problem for over 8 months, and I have seen numerous other posts about this issue. The WD box does not remember the video settings.

In my case, I go into the wd setup and set the video output to 1080i, and the color space to RGB Low. When I power the box off and on again, about 50% of the time it comes up set at 720p (which my TV does not support), and RGB High. Also, with the last release (1.04.31) it sometimes sets the color space to YCrCb.

When someone manually sets the video resolution/frequency and color space, the WD box should remember those settings the next time that the box is powered on. That is how every other device works.

The only thing that I can suggest is to leave the box on all the time. Even then, my Live Plus still occasionally changes the color space value all by itself, while it is just sitting there at the home screen. This is a real problem because when this happens, the other members of my family (wife & daughters) have no idea what happened and they have to call me to fix it.

The other thing I can suggest is to send your problem to WD so that the engineers will know how widespread this problem is and maybe we can get them to put it on their list of things to fix.

Here are a couple of recent threads regarding this issue:

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I will send my problem and thanks for answering i also have the same problem that you have, even leaving it on it changes the video settings anyway its really weird. I will post on the threads that you told me, this NEEDS to get SORTED.

Please, fix this ■■■■ ASAP i am having to change the settings twice a day, this is unacceptable. And a post from the mods that the problem is acknowledged would be awesome.

XxOsurfer3xX, As I said above, I have posting about this problem for over 9 months now (I said 8 months in my last post, but now it is 9 months). In all that time, no one from WD has ever acknowleged or ever said anything about this issue. I don’t know why they have not given this a priority because it would solve many many issues if they would only get the box to remember the video settings. There have been numerous posts and threads regarding this problem.

Also, this should be a really simple fix, so I think that WD has not done anything about it simply because it is not on their list of priorities. As I said, it has been over 9 months now that I have been aware of this issue, so don’t get your hopes up that this will be fixed soon.

Take this for what it’s worth.  I’ve mentioned this before, maybe someone else can see if it works for them.

I’m convinced there is a power up handshake issue.  It seemst to be more an auto-negotiation fail rather than not using the settings you’ve programmed.  If it can’t negotiate the settings you want, it falls back. 

I have my WDTV Live+ connected via HDMI to a Sony 5.1 amp, out of the amp into my Vizio HDTV.

If I power up the WDTV with everything else off, count to 5, power up the amp, count to 5, power up the TV, it consistently comes up to the settings I programmed, 1080p Auto.

If I count longer than 5, I get a 50/50 chance of seeing 1080p.

If I power up the TV or amp BEFORE powering up the HDTV, it locks in at 720p.

Rider wrote:

I’m convinced there is a power up handshake issue.  It seemst to be more an auto-negotiation fail rather than not using the settings you’ve programmed.  If it can’t negotiate the settings you want, it falls back. 

I think that you are right, it does seem like an auto negotiation failure. However, once you go into the setup and manually choose 1080i and RGB Low, why is the WD trying to auto negotiate? It should see that you do not have ‘Auto’ selected and it should not be trying to auto negotiate anything different than what you have already selected manually.

What is really strange is that about 50% of the time the box powers up correctly set at 1080i and RGB Low. Why does it work correctly half the time? Maybe there is a timing problem with the WD HDMI detection algorithm? Maybe the timing is ‘right at the edge’ and sometimes it gets the right response from the TV and sometimes it doesn’t? Regardless, I do not understand why the WD is trying to auto negotiate when you have already manually selected 1080i and RGB Low.

The other weird thing is that when I set the output manually to 1080i and RGB Low, it works every time on the first try! That is telling me that there is no reason why the box cannot do that when it powers up (if it would remember the settings). I think that you are right, the WD box is still using some sort of auto-detection when the unit is powering up, instead of just remembering the manual setting and setting it that way when it powers up.

I will have to try your suggestion on powering up the WD first and then powering up the TV afterwards. This seems like the opposite of what should be normal (It would seem logical that the TV should be powered up first, so that it will be ready when auto negotiation takes place), but if it works, who cares! :smiley:

Why WDTV team is not addressing this issue?  In one of the recent updates, I suppose it was stated that the issue is resolved, but it has gone from bad to worse with the last update. It never stays at 1080p 60 hz and RGB high, which seems to be the best setting for me.  The unit keeps forgetting the audip/video settings. This is frustrating.

Santy wrote:

It never stays at 1080p 60 hz and RGB high, which seems to be the best setting for me.  The unit keeps forgetting the audip/video settings. This is frustrating.

Same probleme here. The device doesn’t remember the settings (HDMI/Auto/RGB high/Autoframerate). After a cold reboot these settings are gone and are switched to Composite/PAL … WD, please fix this bug.

Currently the only setting it remembers for me is 1080/24p, 12bit. Any other setting like 1080/60p will reset to composite upon a restart.

I agree that this is a very frustrating and annoying problem. There have been numerous complaints about this issue. It really should be a simple fix to remember the video settings and use them the next time that the box powers up. I really don’t understand why WD will not look into this issue (or tell us why it can’t be done).

Different versions of the unit react differently to the same firmware. The early WDTV Live that remains (mostly) powered when in standby does not remember manually set colour space settings even when just placed in standby. The later revision that takes longer to power up from standby does remember the colour space settings (a few seconds after powering up I can see it switch to RGB Low).

In my case the problem not only affects not remembering the settings after a power cycle. In fact it seems the settings are ramdonly forgotten. For example a couple of days ago I set the rgb profile and resolution manually to watch a movie, after a couple of hours using the WDTV Live I switched my TV to the DVB receiver and I was using that for another couple of hours or so.

Then I switched back to the hdmi port where the WDTV Live is attached and…surprise. The RGB profile settings were bad again.

The unit wasn’t power off in any moment, and yet the problem is present.

I don’t know why this is happening. With  WDLXTV firmware 1.02.21-WDLXTV-Live- the problem was completly absent. 

I decided to switch to the oficcial firmware once auto resolution was added, since I also wanted to have support for MKV compressed headers (which WDLXTV lacks), but it’s a real pain having to manually select the rgb profile every time I want to watch a movie.

I contacted WD support about the issue…and their answer was “look for help in the forums”…

voodatari, You are right. I have had this same thing happen to me on a number of occasions. Sometimes, while the WD box is on and sitting idle at the home screen, it changes the color space value from RGB Low to RGB High, all by itself, or sometimes it changes from RGB Low to YCbCr, all by itself (less frequently). This does not happen while I am watching something, but if I leave the box on and sitting idle, it sometimes switches the color space.

For me, this doesn’t seem to happen as often as it did with the previous firmware (1.04.31), but it is still happening.

As far as WD’s advice to “check the forums”, unfortunately you will not find any answers here. All you will find is that there are a lot of other posts about the same issues!

What is really troubling to me is the fact that according to the release notes, there have been no changes that relate to the HDMI problems, however, it always acts a little bit differently with every firmware release! It almost seems like the things that we are seeing are happening by accident, without WD knowing or realizing that the new firmwares are changing this behavior.

I really wish that WD would implement a change that allows the box to remember the video settings that we set! It would eliminate many many problems that are posted here.

I have the same problem too!

Sorry for my bad english, I hope to be comprensible.

I have the same problem: with this new firmware the video setting reset each time I power on the Wd tv live.

Can someone help me? In simple words :slight_smile: ?!

another questions: when I set the video in Auto mode, how I can see the setting details? In the menu I can see only HDMI(AUTO)

thank you in advance,


The problem with the video settings resetting every time you power on has been happening for a long time now, there is no solution (except waiting and hoping that WD will fix it in a future firmware release). The only thing you can do is leave it on all the time.

When the video is in Auto mode, there is no way to tell what it is really set to (unless your TV or video amp has that feature there is no way to tell).

Sorry that are are no real solutions to your problems.

thanks for your prompt replay.

I’ll try to wait for the next firmware. By the way, how often they come out?

maybe I can rollback the firmware? I do not know what I used before, but I’ll try to go back until the problem go away …

if the problem is software, I hope will be resolved

This should be resolved in the next release.

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Toretto wrote:

This should be resolved in the next release.

I am so happy to hear that WD is looking into this issue! If the next firmware release will remember the video settings when the box is powered off and on again, this will eliminate a lot of problems that are posted in this forum.

I can’t thank WD enough for trying to resolve this problem!!!  :smileyvery-happy:  

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I can’t wait to test the new version. It’s painful having to setup the video settings everytime I power on the device or I switch inputs in my Sony TV.