WD Live TV turns itself on

Just got a WD Live TV, plugging in via HDMI to AV amp, and using wired ethernet. I access media from a DLNA server (Twonkymedia server). It works well, but I have noticed the device turning itself on. I have been sat watching TV and observed it come on, all by itself. The Power LED lights up for no apparent reason.

I’ve looked through the menus and through the devices webpage but there doesn’t seem to be any useful diagnostics to give me an idea why this happens.

Other thing I noticed, after it turned itself on, was that when I switched the AV amp to that channel to see what was happening, it had reset the HDMI video settings - it seems to autodetect my AV amp as 1280x720 when it should be 1920x1080. I have manually set these values but the device seems to lose the setting. That’s going to get irritating real quick.

Any ideas?

Edit: should say its on latest firmware (1.06 something)

It seems to be that your WD TV Live is possesed :D.  

Have you tried resetting it? You may try using it with a different TV to see if the same issue occur.  If the issue is not resolved you can email or phone WD for support.