Restrict folder access by user

Hi Everyone,

We’ve implimented a WD EX4 device at our office.  One of the things that we would like to do is give everyone access to it so they can have a shared folder that is private for them.  Is there a way to restrict access to folders under a share by user?  As an example, I should have access to \Users\RobKinley but should not have access to \Users\User1 or \Users\User2.

I know that I could create a personal share for each user, then restrict access based on the share, but I really don’t want to have another 40+ shares visable.  

Thanks for any assistance!


I am confused by your question. Did you mean, that just you as the admin, if you created 40+ personal share, one for each user that you would not like them to be visible to you? Well, first question is WHERE exactly you mean by the shares being visible? In the dashboard? In the Windows network? If so, I don’t think that you can stop from seeing all 40+ folders (in both dashboard and in the Windows network). But seeing them is one thing. Accessing them is another. If you don’t give yourself read-write access to those folders you won’t have read-write privs on them…if that is your worry.

And if you can narrow the job functions of those in your office by roles - and don’t think the workers will need to put personal sensitive stuff on the share, then you can create groups in the dashboard and add select users to groups…say Accountant Level 1, Accountant Level 2, etc. And then you can create separate shares for each of those roles (groups) and grant read-write privs to the groups accordingly. This should reduce the nuber of shares needed, assuming that you don’t have 40+ employees all unique in their role…and that there are groups of job roles.

Hi Cybernut1,

First, thanks for taking the time to respond!

Here’s a more detailed description of what I’m trying to accomplish.  My company has approximately 40 users.  We want to give each of them private access to a folder under a share on the EX4.  Ideally, the directory structure would look something like this:





All users should have read/write access to \servername\users, however they should only have access to their own folder within the \servername\users share.  I don’t mind if they can see all the folders under the share, as long as they can only access their folders.

Hopefully this explains things a bit more clearly!


Aah okay, that explains it much better.

Unfortunately, this is not something you can do with the EX4. You can only control the permission level of the share (i.e.  users directory). Everything underneath will inherit those permissions. No way around that.

While not quite the answer I wanted to hear, I appreciate the information!  I’ll go ahead with the alternate plan and create one share per user and restrict access that way.

Thanks again for all of your help!