Folder directory listing

hi i use wd ex210 firmware 2.21.119 in my small office.
so far all users access and security doesn’t have any problem.

But, there is something that still annoys me, all folders were listed and can be seen by all users.
what do i need to make user can only seen the folders they granted to read or full access only. meanwhile other folders that they doesn’t access are hidden.

pls advice how to make it happens?


Because you are using, what I assume is, the EX2100 you may want to post your question to the dedicated EX Series subforum which covers the EX2100 and EX4100 series. This subforum (My Cloud) generally covers the single bay My Cloud units.

If the EX2100 series is anything like the single bay My Cloud then one should be able to configure per user access (full access, read only access, no access) through the My Cloud Dashboard. With the single bay My Cloud there is no easy way to prevent the users from seeing all the Shares/folders. They can only be prevented from accessing a Share (again on the single bay My Cloud).

If you haven’t done so already you should read through your My Cloud User Manual to understand its features and how to use/configure them. Or see the My Cloud Dashboard Help.

You can’t.

Folders are visible, but access is denied.

Where I work, the corporate file servers work in exactly the same way. It’s not an unusual method of access control; can you do this on Windows, for example?

This isn’t the EX forum, by the way…

@ all thanks, my mistake put on wrong category.
by the way thanks for your info