Restoring storage capacity

wiped out all files on MyBook whilst attempting to grab WIN 10 iso from MS so now it only has 31 G capacity. So far none of the WD diag apps seem to be able to restore to factory settings. Any suggestions? Thanks!

How did you wipe out the files from your drive? Did you use any 3rd party data eraser tool? Or you just factory reset your drive?

Well, if you wish to recover data from a completely wiped out drive then I suggest you to try Free Stellar Data Recovery software that will help you scan your drive and recover up to 1 Gb data totally free of cost. If after scan the software shows the desired result then you can proceed further to purchase the upgrade version of the software to recover unlimited data but if there are no results then no other data recovery software also cannot help you recover data from that drive.

Hope it helps!

While grabbing ISO file from Microsoft. Must’ve recognized My Book as a flash drive.

I recovered about 75% of the files using recovery software. But very few had names, so it took weeks to sort it all out. Many of them contain errors.

Couldn’t recover any photos.

Thanks for the feedback!