wdbacw0010hbk -erased the whole drive on my book! :(

Hi All, I have been use this external drives - My Book 1tb for couple of years with my old laptop and all of my photos & video over 10,000 items were store in this My Book.

When I got a got new laptop and  When I put external drive usb into new laptop and cannot find those files for while and  I click accidently on WD Quick Format - see this picture then few mins later I found out that had been erased the whole drive on my book! I am really upset and how can I get those back as normal. I am no computer expert. Would anyone help me please


This picture make all of my photos, files and folders erased delete gone when I click continue :frowning: I am really upset

Be sure to not copy any new files on the My Book since they can override your old files. With the help of a data recovery software you can try to recover your files, using Google you will find several options you can use. 

Thanks for reply

I think i did make mistake again and copy new folder into my book but i did stop and delete again, i have been tried google and get free software for data recovery then no luck so I think I better go to computer shop to fix and recovery so fingers crossed!