Free data recovery - lost and raw data

I’m not sure how this happened, but I went to plug in my external WD My Book hard drive and it only showed like 32 GB and it is a 1 TB. I was able to detect that there is lost and raw files and the hard drive has partitioned itself. How, when, why? That is what I would like to know, but there is a large amount of files on the lost/raw files that I can preview that I need. Is there a free data recovery software/company out there that would be able to help me?

Currently, WD does not have a data recovery software.

Online you should be able to find a data recovery software like a free trial that might show you your files.

FILERECOVERY is one such program, designed to recover on hard drives. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS’s. It does have a free evaluation, so you can install and scan the drive to see if the data you want to recover is recoverable.

Restore the precious formatted data files with the help of effortless and flawless Stillbon Data Recovery Software that supports more than 1000 file formats. It can easily retrieve the files without losing a bit of information.

The best data recovery software enables users to preview all the recoverable files that have to be recovered before any recovery process for the best recovery results. It is fully supportable to multiple file formats such as video files, graphic files, audio files, emails and various other file formats for the efficient restoration process. Windows data recovery supports undeleted files i.e. FAT12, FAT 16, FAT32, and NTFS on all multiple storage media such as hard-drive, disk, memory card, USB, digital cameras cards, etc.

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It’s strange that your drive partitioned itself on its own and there is no specific technique defined to find the cause of this issue. But yes you can recover your data from RAW format drive by using a free data recovery software presented by Stellar. This tools allows to recover data at free upto 1GB limit but beyond this you need to pay for the software upgraded version.