Free data recovery - lost and raw data

I’m not sure how this happened, but I went to plug in my external WD My Book hard drive and it only showed like 32 GB and it is a 1 TB. I was able to detect that there is lost and raw files and the hard drive has partitioned itself. How, when, why? That is what I would like to know, but there is a large amount of files on the lost/raw files that I can preview that I need. Is there a free data recovery software/company out there that would be able to help me?

Currently, WD does not have a data recovery software.

Online you should be able to find a data recovery software like a free trial that might show you your files.

FILERECOVERY is one such program, designed to recover on hard drives. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS’s. It does have a free evaluation, so you can install and scan the drive to see if the data you want to recover is recoverable.

It’s strange that your drive partitioned itself on its own and there is no specific technique defined to find the cause of this issue. But yes you can recover your data from RAW format drive by using a free data recovery software presented by Stellar. This tools allows to recover data at free upto 1GB limit but beyond this you need to pay for the software upgraded version.

Your WD My Book hard drive may have partition damage or other problems if it seems like it has less capacity than it should. This might be caused by several things, including unexpected power outages, file system issues, or physical damage. To recover the lost files from the damaged partitions, you might want to try using data recovery professional software. Make sure you don’t write any more data to the damaged hard drive to prevent more data loss.

Stellar is capable for sure. :+1:

The existence of raw and missing files suggests that there may be partitioning problems or data corruption. Even if it’s unknown how or why this occurred, it’s critical to discover a way to restore your crucial information. Numerous widely used free data recovery programs, such Undelete, Recuva, and Stellar, may be able to assist you in getting your lost data back. As an alternative, several data recovery businesses provide data recovery services.

None of the solutions have addressed the actual problem. A typical misadventure that gives rise to such a scenario is when someone uses an external drive to install Windows.

These are the tools that data recovery professionals use:

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There are several free data recovery software options available that you can try to recover your lost files. Here are a few popular ones Stellar Data Recovery, Recuva, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and Minitool. These all have a free edition you can try any of them.

Before using any data recovery software, ensure that you don’t write any new data to the affected drive and all the chances of overwriting are avoided. You can even seek professional help if data is very important to you and your budget allows.

Utilize knowledge base and support articles by WD:


Stop using the disk right away to avoid overwriting any data before attempting to retrieve your lost data. Next, download and install any reliable professional data recovery software. Connect the WD My Book drive to your computer and use the data recovery software to search for missing files. Once the scan is finished, preview and restore the necessary files to a new place on your computer.