have done factory reset on my wd mybook live. I lost all my files. However when
i logon to the control panel area  at the bottom where said how much giga I’ve
used its says 3 gig used. Is any way of getting data back please


A Factory Reset warns and prompts of data loss before proceeding, requiring User consent and approval. By default, the WD My Book Live reserves 3GB of space for configuration purposes.

I would recommend contacting WD’s select data recovery partners.

Did you perform a Full Factory Restore or a Quick Factory Restore?

If your answer is Quick Factory Restore all  you have to do is re-add the shares via the dashboard and be certain to spell them out as you did when you first made them and the files will still be there. However if your answer is a full factory restore I wouldn’t have much hope on recovering said files without spending money on professional data recovery services. I hate to say it but perhaps next time you should have a second or even third copy of your files. It is important to have backups. You could try recovering the files by pulling the hard drive out of the casing and using disk internals or recuva but because the disk was formatted I doubt you’ll get anything. Please take caution that doing so will void your warrenty.

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