Restoring MacBook Pro from My Cloud Home - Does it work?

I’ve just spent hours trying to work out if My Cloud Home will allow me to back-up multiple MacBook Pro devices - the reason I bought the unit. While there is some debate in the threads, I seem to have established that you can, though they will all be lumped together within the same backups folder which will expand and expand over time. If anyone has any views on whether this is right on not, or can clarify, help will be much appreciated.

I’m now looking ahead and asking what happens if I actually need to rely on the device and retrieve a backup? The posts that I’ve read so far have been quite discouraging. It seems it is either very difficult, or potentially impossible to do so, which seems to defeat a main purpose of the device, and the reason I bought it. Has anyone had any direct experience restoring from MacOS backup on My Cloud Home?

I am starting to think that maybe I need to take this back and just buy a TimeCapsule?

You will probably do better by asking this in the My Cloud Home forum.

You can find more information on the My Cloud Home by visiting the Learning Center.