Backing up the Mycloud Home Duo?

How can I arrange to back up all the shares from the whole family (several users) centrally to some other networked storage device, so the other family members don’t have to worry about making their own backups of what they upload to their personal clouds?

I don’t even seem to be able to do it from a separate computer, since I can’t see how to log on to several different accounts from one computer simultaneously - even if we share our account details for backup purposes.

I want to use this device as the main copy of the files, so that they can be accessed from multiple devices, not as a backup for a main copy somewhere else!

What is the recommended procedure please?

The My Cloud Home is not a traditional NAS and there is no admin access to all “shares” Each user gets a private user storage area.

There have been a few other posts about backing up the My Cloud Home however currently it does not support any network or USB backups. WD staff has commented on other similar posts that backup to USB may be supported in a future update. I have not seen any commitment when this may be released.

If you would like to see this type of feature added I would suggest posting in the My Cloud Home Ideas board.

Thank you for the reply. I am very surprised that backing up the My Cloud isn’t possible - it means that I will be using it simply as a backup target from something somewhere else that will hold and publish the files. A pity! I’m kicking myself for not checking more carefully that a backup solution was possible before buying the unit!

Backup to USB doesn’t really interest me - assuming that means to a second storage device attached to the USB port. I would be looking for backup over the network. While far from ideal, even if ‘backup privileges’ could be assigned to a central backup process running on a network attached PC accessing the My Cloud would enable something to be done. Or permitting multiple, simultaneous connections with different credentials to be set up permanently from a single machine might be good enough.

Such is life!

I have just purchased a my cloud home device and like you am very disappointed to find that the backup function has been pulled from its predecessor.
Having owned a buffalo Nas before I would consider this backup feature vital. I did some research before buying it and was mislead by the information pertaining to the older my home model. I get the fact that the software in the new box is radically different… But please please please please see sense WD and put the backup function into the new release. I will be adding my peneth to the ideas forum too.

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Yes - it is true that had I realised what this unit actually does, or doesn’t do, I wouldn’t have purchased it. Having said that, I am now hosting my files somewhere else, and using the WD device as a very effective, and fast, network attached backup device. So, albeit not for what I originally purchased it for, and using it in a very simple way, I am happy with it now.

Hi lesaid
Are you using the MCH to back up your files hosted somewhere else? If so, what backup application are you using?

I use duplicati. Great tool!

Hi Rocksolid - no I’m not using MCH to host files at all because I don’t have a good way of backing up files hosted on it. Instead, I’m using MCH as a backup target for files hosted elsewhere in my home network. I use Acronis software on the other devices to make and maintain the backups. This keeps backups up to date and manages the space nicely so I can leave it running in the background and more or less forget about it.

The solution ‘wastes’ much of the MCH functionality, but MCH does make a very good and fast backup target for my whole home network.

If I could host files on MCH and back them up automatically and reliably to another network device on my home network, I would think again and maybe start using the MCH as a primary hosting device. That had been my original intention.

But such a network backup device would have to be easily accessible from other devices besides MCH on the network so that if I lose my MCH and decide to replace it with something else, I still have easy access to my backups. For that reason, I’m wary of the USB solutions that I have seen mentioned as a future possibility.

Do use duplicate to back up files that are hosted on the MCH to a backup device somewhere else, or do you use it to back up files ‘to’ the MCH?

Can duplicati be configured to manage the backup space automatically so that you don’t have to keep going in to tidy up old versions to keep free space available?

Yup, duplicate encrypts, manages back so you don’t waste any space. It will do what you tell it to do.