How do you backup a My Cloud Home?

Seems odd, but I can’t find how to back up my My Cloud Home? All the backup articles are how to backup your PC to the My Cloud Home, but nothing about how to back up the My Cloud Home itself.
I bought it because I want to use it as a central File Server for my house, so all the files on it need to be backed up. Is this possible?

Note I don’t want a local backup (ie USB), the whole idea is that if the house burns down I’ll have copies of the contents of my My Cloud Home backed up somewhere else (eg One Drive, Dropbox or other cloud storage service)

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My Cloud Home backup to a remote device or service is currently not supported.

For real? A NAS that you can’t back up? This is advertised as a centralised storage device, where people put their important files but you can’t back it up?
What a PoS. Give me my money back…


Please provide any workaround solution, I have 2 devices: “My Cloud” and “My Cloud Home” on different network sites, and need to backup “My Cloud” to “My Cloud Home”.

Surely there are ways around this?

For example, if you install cygwin on the PC in the same network and have a connection to the MyCloud Home drive, couldn’t you use rsync to mirror it offsite?

Has this been solved yet? I have a Duo and I STILL want this functionality. What if I fill up the drive and need to expand?

The old My Cloud had backup option
Just plug in USB drive in back of device and set safepoints from my mobile. With My Cloud Home I have to copy everything for years manually with my computer. Im considering another brand when I upgrade next time

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