How to backup the content of the my cloud home device

I am using the my cloud home device for all my content.
It is working fine, but i would like to have a backup of all that content.

How do i backup my cloud home?

(I tried to link a my book by using the usb port, but i did not find the option to EXPORT the content to that usb-device, only IMPORT)

Could somebody help me with it?


currently only import is supported via the USB port on the my cloud home. You could connect the my book to the PC and manually copy all of the content from the my cloud home to the my book.

I would also suggest posting in the my cloud home ideas board and request a export to USB option be added.

Thanks for your answer.
It is a total disappointment that a cloud service for locale use, does not support a backup functionality!

Thanks is the main function het people want to organize their files central WITH an option not to lose some…(so WITH Backup)!

What a half product!

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I agree. Spent all day trying to back up the private partition to no avail, including 1 hour with an acronis expert who tried and failed. I have managed to back up the public partition using acronis but the public partition isn’t any good to me as I can’t access it when away from home. Have spent 5 days trying to get this brick to function and not very far advanced.
Backing up data is so important as surely WD realise so how do we do it! My last WD my cloud failed and luckily I had it backed up and if I can’t back this one up I will have to return it.

Had the same issue, what a disappointment. Already had one cloud storage device hit by lightning so backups are a must. How can WD not have the ability to backup its My Cloud Home to a My Book with file sync. If i wanted to copy the files manually then why did i bother buying a WD product, any cheap USB storage device would do.

Totally agree!

WD only wants to make money!
They do not read this forum, it’s now 6 months later and a solution did not came.

People please do not buy these products!!
You rather give the money to someone poor!

I would definitely like this as an option, just migrated from my old FreeNas server which was running on an ancient desktop PC and I must admit I’m very surprised that there doesn’t seem to be many options for backing data up

Well, I’ve come across a workaround that seems to work, in spite of the deficiencies in this product!

I followed this link for a way to back up using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux), and although the accepted answer (No, you can’t do that) doesn’t fill the bill, if you keep scrolling down, there is another option: make use of DrvFS to mount your drive that the My Cloud Home is on, then copy the files any which way you want to wherever you want. In my case, I set up a remote NextCloud on a raspberry pi, and mount both drives in WSL, then use rsync to copy everything from the My Cloud home to the NextCloud. Actually pretty easy!

In the bash command line, create the mount point for your My Cloud Home, “sudo mkdir /mnt/z”. Then, use the “sudo mount -t drvfs Z: /mnt/z; rsync -avzh /mnt/z /mnt/c/Users/username/Nextcloud” and it should take care of all your files from the My Cloud to the NextCloud. You could sync to any location you want, really (Google, OneDrive, wherever). Anything that maps a drive or directory in Windows. You could store it locally on the Windows computer, too, if you’d prefer. Just have a remote computer that has a connection to the My Cloud Home and rsync to a local directory.

This is a quick overview, but if more specific instructions would be useful, I think I can put together a step by step of the whole process (including setting up your own NextCloud).

For everyone impacted by the “ongoing attacks” against MyBookLive devices, this is a good answer. I used to have 2 MyBookLive devices backup to each other in separate physical locations and now have 2 My Cloud Home replacement devices and a RaspberryPi to do the same thing.

Slightly different and more detailed instructions:

  1. Need: Raspberry Pi 3 B+, Power Supply, SD Card, Ethernet, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
  2. Follow Instructions via NextCloudPi – Own your bits to setup a device
  3. Mount the My Cloud Home devices as Network Drives on the NextCloudPi by first getting the utilities
    sudo apt-get install cifs-utils
  4. Then create the directories “Y” and “Z”
    sudo mkdir /mnt/y
    sudo mkdir /mnt/z
  5. Edit the file so that the My Cloud Home files can be read by the raspberry pi
    sudo nano /etc/fstab
  6. Add these 2 lines to the file with the correct IP addresses for your devices and save and exit nano.
    //192.168.###.###/Public/ /mnt/y cifs guest,_netdev 0 0
    (Another line like above but /mnt/z)
  7. Mount the Drives and they’ll automatically mount if rebooted
    sudo mount /mnt/y
    sudo mount /mnt/z
  8. Sync Y: to Z:
    sudo rsync -r /mnt/y /mnt/z

Now I need to figure out how to make Y: backup to Z: automatically on an interval.