How to Back Up My Cloud Home?

A bit of background first…I have just bought a My Cloud Home to store files I want to share between a desktop PC and a laptop and occasionally a couple of phones. I am importing those files via a USB device plugged into the back of the My Cloud Home because it is quicker than using WiFi for the initial load. The mobile app gives me an option to import the data, although irritatingly it does not appear to allow me to import specific data from specific lower level folders, only from the highest level folders. I intend to achieve sharing by redirecting various Windows folder, e.g. Documents from the C: drive to the new Z: drive.

Anyway, the question is what can I do to back up My Cloud Home? I thought that plugging in a USB device would give me an option to export to that USB device, but I can’t find anything like that on the app nor any mention of it in the manual. Am I missing something here or can I only back up the My Cloud Home by copying data via a PC to a device attached to the PC?

Thanks in anticipation for any help.

currently only import from usb is supported.

No you are not missing anything. This is the only way to backup a my cloud home at this time.

That’s rather a shocking omission. What on earth was going through (or not going through) the designer’s head? It really does spoil what otherwise looks like a fairly easy to use good product. I’m definitely feeling ripped off now though. How can they sell something with a USB port that only works in one direction?