Restore button does not start the USB restore for DX4000

I am trying to restore my DX4000, but can’t seem to get it started. I downloaded most recent ISO.  Checked it with the MD5 file and sequence was correct.  Mounted iso with Daemon tools and based upon the iso program it was successfully loaded on to a 32gb USB 2.0 drive.  The USB drive was inserted in to a USB port on the back of the DX4000 with the DX4000 off.  The restore button was depressed for >30 sec and nothing happened.  The server did not attempt to turn on nor were there any messages on the panel. 

Thanks in advance for your help. 

No worries :slight_smile:

Hold in the restore button on back and while holding it in.  Press the power button with your other hand once.  Continue to hold the restore button in for 35 seconds.  After that you should be able to let go.  In 3 or 4 more minutes you should see messages on the lcd.

It should lite up when you press the power button, fans, etc

Thank you for the response Gramps.  I followed your suggestions and I have never saw any messages on the lcd.  The DX4000 is on and all 4 drives are solid blue.  The power/status light continue to blink blue and this is the same status after leaving it on overnight.  Possibly the DX4000 is trying to initialize the RAID volume. 

Before I tell you to power off the box, which will break it You are sure it needs to be recovered for whatever reason.

I cant tell if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing from what you type.

Start with the box off.  Put the thumb drive in a slot.  Hold the reset button in and power on the box.  Continue to hold the reset button in for say 40 seconds.  Then you may release the reset button.  Wait and a msg should apear on the LCD

Gramps, thank you for your response.

Reason for recovery:   The DX4000 was turned off incorrectly.  It no longer boots all the way to the Name/IP address on the LCD.  As expected, it also cannot be connected to remotely.

The steps that I have followed are as follows:  First the DX4000 was completely off.  The ISO was mounted and the program was successfully loaded onto a 32gb USB 2.0.  The USB flash drive was then installed into one of the USB ports in the back of the DX4000.  Next, with the power off the Restore Button was depressed.  Then the power button was depressed once while still holding in the restore button. The DX4000 power light came on blue-initially solid.  The Restore button was held for 45 seconds prior to release.  During this time the four hard drives flashed blue several times prior to staying on solid blue.  I have watched the DX4000 over the past several hours and nothing ever comes up on the LCD.  After the power light came on solid blue, it started flashing blue.  It  continues to flash blue.

Kewl…Sounds like you are doing everything correct.  It just ain’t working.  Hate that.

So my guess is, it is not reading the thumb.  If you do not have say an 8gb thumb laying around, go ahead and remake the 32 that you have and give it another whirl.

I also recomend you find a real good “something” to hold the resett button in with.  My favorite is a single allen wrench.  Just to make sure you don’t “slip” at an important time.  Also for giggles if your thumb has a light, you should see some blinking in thhe first 15 seconds or so.

You should have something on the lcd in less than 5 minutes if it booted from the thumb.  No sense waiting longer.  If the 32 will not boot it I would try another thumb.  You can’t have too may :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes.  (Oh, Go Seahawks  LOL)

Thank you for your reply and suggestions Gramps.

Using the mounted ISO I have tried the following USB 2.0 drives:  16gb Sandisk (was not seen by ISO-even when reformated multiple ways), 32gb Sandisk (successful), 32gb Kingston (successful), 16gb Patriot (successful) and 32gb Patriot (successful).  The two Patriot’s had lights that were easily visible.  Following your comments, I do see the Patriot flash drive blinking at about 12-15 sec.  There are several extended periods of blinking through about 3-4 minutes.  After that I do not see the light blinking.  The result is the same with all thumb drives–no message on the DX4000 LCD.  The DX4000 power light flashes blue and all hard drives are solid blue after an early period of blinking.

I went back and checked the ISO again and the sequence was correct with the FCIV program and MD5 file.

Sorry, I forgot 8gb is not big enough anymore.

Ok, for giggles, have you pressed next on your PC after 5 mins anyway?  Perhaps the LCD is not working?

For giggles “2”

Try step 2, recreate storage.  Make the thumb and boot from it.  Not saying actually click next etc, just curious if it will boot.  A small thumb may be used for this


As per giggles 1:   I did try press the next button on the computer when I had the DX4000 set for restore.  The software said it found the server and I then told it to load it to the factory status.  Next it asked me to format the drives and I clicked yes.  I doubt it is really connected as there has been no change in the blinking server power light or the constantly on hard drive lights.  Nothing on the LCD.  I don’t think the LCD has failed as prior to the bad shut-down it was working fine.

As per giggles 2, prior to doing the above I did try what you suggested.  Interesting that the power light went to solid blue after reading the thumb drive, but the server never seemed to boot fully.  Nothing on the screen and I could not connect to it.

Thanks again for all your suggestions

Contacted WD phone support today and they said I needed to RMA the DX4000. 

Thanks again for all the suggestions Gramps.

Thought you might.  I shuda got back sooner.  You know if you hit next and it does not say could not find server, then it found it.  DOn’t know if you want to mess with it anymore, but like I said, hit nect and wait about 5 hours and see if it boots properly.  Even if not properly (no LCD) you might could reflash the firmware.

But all in all, you may have more confidence in the box if you return it.