Is it just me or is it ridiculous that you get a refurbished drive as a replacement. Baffles me it’s the luck of a draw if you get a new one that works or not and if you get unlucky you get a refurbished one at the price that you paid for a new one. If I had known this I would’ve went with a different brand or bought a renewed one.

If you were guaranteed to get a new drive, think of the potential abuse of the warranty system.

If you have to ship the bad drive back how can you abuse the system?

Wait until the warranty is about to expire, intentionally damage the drive, then get a new drive as a replacement?

That’s fair but I think if they could see the date you bought it that could change what they send out. Sad that people would do that though. Guess I just got unlucky this time.

I have no problem using a refurbished replacement, this be customer return of a child actually, that disliked the sound of how enterprise HDD lock their heads at shutdown.

HDD this is no fish can with expiration date, its a machinery made due hard to fail parts.
At latest Gold with 1.5 million of hours, one human life time is not enough this to compete with life cycle of the HDD.
Naturally any poorly cooled, poorly handled HDD will die prematurely.

Best advice, stop kicking your PC when you ■■■■ at online gaming. :stuck_out_tongue:

“At latest Gold with 1.5 million of hours, one human life time is not enough this to compete with life cycle of the HDD.”

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is not to be interpreted in that way. It is meant to measure the reliability of a large population of storage devices.

For example, if the population consists of 1000 HDDs, then a MTBF of 1.5 million hours is telling you that you can expect 1 HDD failure every 1500 hours.

They are out there much more technical information per HDD model which these explain HDD reliability stats, to me an electronics expert.
WD Gold series has 2.5X higher the amount of Start/stop cycles as minimum, in comparison to old RAPTOR 75GB.

I have in my personal storage such valuable in-depth documentation, it is sad that newer WD marketing team, does not deliver this type of information at public view any more.

Retail packaging of WD Raptor this was loaded of technical information at the year 2005.
Thanks to HGST, I have now worthy evidence so to use for any other HDD product comparisons.

We need an “electronics expert” at HDD Oracle. Perhaps you could join us?

For twelve years I had the hope that professional blogging due the voice of a real freelancer professional this will succeed to become number one source of income.

For some time and after talking with several HDD/SSD brand, within the period 2022~2023, I am now a believer that neither data storage industry, this is willing to pay the price for having a high quality review of their products.

Can you show us one of your storage reviews?

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