Great Idea! let's make WD HDDs reliable - because they're NOT!

so far I’ve been let down by about 8 TBs on various HDDs for windows and Mac - it seems that about 2 seconds after the warranty expires they die.
Is this coincidence!?!?!?!?!?!
I suppose in some distorted twisted way this actually makes them reliable - we know that they won’t work after warranty?

While this is unfortunate, my very own WD Passport Studio’s warranty expired 3 years ago and the unit is not even close to the failure threshold on S.M.A.R.T. parameters. Each case is different.

What happened with your unit? Did you try testing if the issue relates to the power adapter or the data cable as opposed to the unit itself? Does it work in a different computer?

…the machines have have tested on cables, power source and other computers.
i have about 8 western HDDS and HALF have failed just after their warranty expired…one just before.
I don’t regard this a s very big sample - but to draw conclusions from a sample of one is just daft.
2 other makes - Seagate and ACER have continued in use for 5 and 8 years respectively and are still going strong.

They are junk and start passing the truth around… perhaps then WD will start addressing these habitual failures of their drives.

It seems you are right - I’m more interested in some level of customer care right now to right the mess they have created. Apparently I will be contacted…let’s see what tey say…

I wouldn’t expect much… but do let me and others know what they come
up with…

Windows 7 states my WD Elements USB drive “is working” but the drive
must be initialized … …

Attempting to initialize the drive…an error pops up… “media is write

There is no mechanical switch or software to make the drive “write
protected” or “non-write protected”

It cannot be accessed period… Western Digital certainly knows why it’s
messed up, because they send me emails explaining “they have some great
deals” on fully “refurbished” USB drives… JUST LIKE NEW! …

I have had it with their new drives and certainly won’t be wasting
dollars on any “refurbished” drives…which when sold new have
failed… and now their refurbished drives are not going to fail?

It may not matter to WD? … but my view is to stop buying any of their

I need three new hard drives…but this time WD loses out on the sale.
(nearly $200 bucks)

Let me remind you… WD was once a company who was considered to be a
model leader in customer service…