WD Elements

i bought a 1.5TB wd elements on 5-28-12 and its getting status code 07 in data lifeguard diagnostics. I know th HDD is dying so i checked the warranty and it  supposedly expired on 4-28-12 but i bought it on 5-28-12. The warranty expired a month before i bought it??? REALLY???

I have only bought WD drives for many yrs now but this ridiculous!!

So i have an $80 paper weight now??

To get the correct warranty you need to register the hard drive on the portal page, but in this case contact tech support directly and they can update the warranty for you.





The HDD in question is registered and I called WD support and was told that it is indeed still under warranty. I was asked to provide proof of purchase in an email so I did. Now I will have to wait and see how long this takes. I have read some posts and think I could be in for a long wait but for now I will give WD the benefit of the doubt. This process will decide all my future HDD purchases ( I currently own 8 WD HDD, internal and external). I have trusted WD for many yrs but if customer support is too slack then i will definately be buying from someone else in the future…

No contact from WD as of yet… They did open a case but for warranty/troubleshooting…  I was told the drive is under warranty  so that part should be resolved now. As far as troubleshooting, the drive will not pass any tests WD Diagnostics,Crystal Disk and a couple of others.Also, as mentioned in other posts the HDD also nags about a format.

This HDD is defective and should be replaced!!


I just received an email from WD and they issued a RMA and upgraded my WD Elements 1.5TB to a 2TB.

Looks like WD has retained a customer for sure…

WD did upgrade a replacement  from the 1.5TB elements(USB 2.0) to the 2TB My Book Essential(USB 3.0) and is sending it UPS 2nd day air !

WD has went above and beyond for me. I have always heard great things about WD standing behind their products ( I own no less than 8 of their drives) but now I can confirm it to be true…