Anyone else absolutely loathe WD?

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You’re not wrong! I’ve bought 10 XHHDs from Seagate and shucked them… NO PROBLEMS…
Bought 2 WD Elements XHDDs and had all sorts of problems shucking them!!! Pin 3 power disable in case anyone is interested… :+1:

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How common. :stuck_out_tongue:

It seems that some ■■■■■ hid my post because I didn’t sing the graces of WD.

@ScewWD – Please sell your WD products, don’t buy anymore and quit posting worthless hate posts at this WD Community forum. Personally I think WD has excellent hardware and sloppy software.

How about you shut the ■■■■ up? I can post whatever the ■■■■ I want.

Nope. I like to type and like my WD hardware. Also my nickname is TheTick. I am mighty…SPOON!!!

WRONG! No you can’t post what you want as it gets replaced with blocks… HaHa! Maybe you should expand your limited vocabulary beyond four letter curse words.


First of all, you ■■■■■■■ manchild, I was aware of the goddamn blocks. But the intent is clear.

Anyway, you failed abortion, this thread is for people who dislike WD. So gtfo.

■■■■, you’re more useless than Anne Frank’s drumset…

I might understand SOME of your senterment you ruined it when got offensive to MANY others. Bottom line is most of us are here to get info & help with issues - to do that you need to get on! also some respect wouldn’t hurt however you feel re product

HI, Can you advise me as to how to get help with MY PASSPORT which is a 1 TB backup drive, which seems to fill up and then stop backing up properly. Technical support seems unable to comprehend my problem and can’t seem to answer my questions about how to setup the backup so that the drive doesnt fillup rapidly. My hard drive is only 300 MB; so I don’t see why the 1 TB drive would get filled up unless the software is creating multiple copies of the whole drive. I don’t know if I have the wrong hardware or software or what. and my file folders on the filehistory section of the backup drive are more current thatn the corresponding folers on the backup section of the backup drive. So I can’t delete the file history folder containing all the files or can I?

Obviously you weren’t aware of the blocks or you would not claiming you can post whatever you want. Duh!

Yea this ScrewWD guy can’t even put a simple sentence together. A very sad excuse for a human.

Lots details you are missing. What OS are you using to connect to the drive ? What backup software are you using ?