Replacement under warranty internal drive

I recently need to return a under-warranty 2TB drive for replcement and surprise to find that I have to bring it all the way to Changi! I had returned Seagate drive and Hitachi drive before. They just required to drop off the drive and RMA at a downtown shop. Why don’t WD consider user can drop off drive at a more convenient downtown location.

we have to face alot of problem while take a replacement to thier defective parts. it almost 2 months past. but there is no one to reply or came to pick hard disk. we are troubling with wd. I hope they will improve thier customer service.

Is really sad, I will never buy a WD driver in my life for myself or for the pc I do fix. I have in the last two years two failures on the wd green **bleep**. now is just over the 2 years and the warranty does not cover it any more. I bought a 2TB driver and when used for the very first time, it was already bad. Got the replacement from the store and two years latter, just when the warranty has expired… another hd failure!

No more WD. 

Please guys, if you have the same problem, post your experience in the facebook and share it with all your friends, so people can avoid this sort of scam!

WD is doing nothing to help the customers, so we should speak up!